Workshop Time Again

We are excited–and challenged–to be offering in person workshops again. Excited because it’s the best way to connect and share with like-minded souls seeking to age consciously and intentionally. Challenged because we lost our momentum when COVID became the dictator of our reality.

The thrust of our Nov. 15 workshop is “Meaning Making in (and for) the 2nd Half of Life.” This Is a general introduction to Conscious Aging as a Spiritual Practice (CASP) where all four bold words are emphasized. Especially the first, which stands on an Albert Einstein quote that “without consciousness things go less well.”

Nov. 18 workshop is “Oh, The Stories We Tell …ourselves and  others.” This workshop emphasizes our experience that in order to age well it seems imperative that we recognize how our life stories have impacted and shaped our experience of life. Then, we encourage participants to consider if self-talk is limiting their life. And if so, how?

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to attend a following MBTI Assessment session where discovering your personality type may help you understand, and accept, the ways you conduct yourself in life situations. The idea is you don’t have to be like anyone else, you are free to be fully you!

Email me if you would like to chat more about what we are offering!

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