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Benefits of Conscious Aging as a Spiritual Practice (CASP). This introduction to CASP helps practitioners progressively discover who they really are and how they want to live into their fuller self in the second half of their life. Beginning at midlife, CASP can help you discover, embrace, and grow ever more fully into your innate individuality in the second half of  your life.  Many previous participants have said this a better alternative to simply growing old in ways “they” say you “should.” One benefit is that it helps you examine your past as never before, identify recurring patterns, and explore what those past events and patterns have to teach you now in light of your experience and more mature awareness.

The Stories We Tell help us to look at the stereotypes and cultural myths around aging and replace them with clear insights, evidence-based strategies, resources, and personal tools you can use to move through your later years in a more meaningful and profoundly satisfying way.

Both workshops look at common midlife transitions, including job and relationship changes, retirement, adjusting to an empty nest, financial setbacks, and waning youth. You’ll not only strengthen your ability to adapt to and manage your life transitions, you’ll learn how to re-frame these transitions as opportunities for new beginnings and positive momentum toward an enriched next phase of life.

Facilitated discussion sessions held at St. Brigid’s Villa, Guelph ON; Cost is $50 or pay what you can.

Conscious Aging Nov. 15, Guelph 12:30 – 3:00 pm.

Stories We Tell is Nov. 18 10:30 – 2:00

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