Who We Are

Paul has 35+ years experience helping people navigate life transitions, in a variety of situations. This has taught him that most, if not all, sustainable life transitions are psycho-spiritual in nature and it really is the attitude that counts.

Currently Paul’s interests are leading him to share his passion for Conscious Aging.  Using his experience, along with the wisdom of many others who have learned that aging can be a fulfilling time of life, Paul has developed programs for individuals and groups that help people facing changes in their life.


Paul has extensive education and training to compliment his experience:

  • Doctor of Ministry, Ashland Seminary, Ashland University, 2001, Thesis: Elements of Regeneration in … United Church of Canada Congregations
  • Master of Divinity, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, 1994, Thesis: Pastoring and Fostering Congregational Change
  • Bachelor of Arts, McMaster University, 1989
  • Certified Sage-ing Leader, The Sage-ing (C) Guild, 2012
  • Congregation Development Consultant for Environics, 2009
  • Transition Specialist, Interim Ministry Network, 2003
  • Natural Church Development, Certified Level Two Coach, 2001