Who We Are

Paul has 35+ years experience helping people navigate life transitions, in a variety of situations. This has taught him that most, if not all, sustainable life transitions are psycho-spiritual in nature and it really is the attitude that counts.

Currently Paul’s interests are leading him to share his passion for¬†Conscious Aging. ¬†Using his experience, along with the wisdom of many others who have learned that aging can be a fulfilling time of life, Paul has developed programs for individuals and groups that help people facing changes in their life.


Paul has extensive education and training to compliment his experience:

  • Doctor of Ministry, Ashland Seminary, Ashland University, 2001, Thesis: Elements of Regeneration in … United Church of Canada Congregations
  • Master of Divinity, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, 1994, Thesis: Pastoring and Fostering Congregational Change
  • Bachelor of Arts, McMaster University, 1989
  • Certified Sage-ing Leader, The Sage-ing (C) Guild, 2012
  • Congregation Development Consultant for Environics, 2009
  • Transition Specialist, Interim Ministry Network, 2003
  • Natural Church Development, Certified Level Two Coach, 2001