What do you want? … Really want? …Now!

This is not a trick question. Moreover, it is one that becomes increasingly important as we approach midlife or retirement, and at every other major life transition. Around age 45-ish, many people begin to sense a certain anxiety or dissatisfaction, an angst, a slump, insecurity. Feelings that often compound with retirement, even though they may[…]

Transitioning to Retirement

Research demonstrates that one-third of retirees suffer psycho-emotional stress as they disengage from their career identity and struggle to establish and adjust to a new normal in retirement. Adding to the challenges of adjusting to retirement is the fact that effective transitions typically take more time, psycho-emotional-spiritual energy, and commitment than people generally perceive. Especially[…]

Turn aging into Sage-ing

April 2, 2016  9:30 am – 4 pm  Ignatius Retreat Centre Guelph   Rethink your midlife expectations at this Interactive Retreat April 2, 2016. We will explore the view of midlife and beyond that others have experienced as their most meaningful and rewarding time of life. Through presentation and group discussions discover a way to[…]