Considering how to meaningfully spend the last years of our life

“The energy involved in resisting the truth of aging and dying
can keep us confined in a limited experience of living;
a limited experience of the simple joy of being [in the] here and now.”   
Kathleen Dowling Singh

This Grace in Aging series extends our 8 years of facilitated discussion groups based on our concept of Conscious Aging as a Spiritual Practice. It builds on our well-received Foundations of Spiritual Eldering discussion series last spring.

This online program continues our long commitment to providing distinctly Canadian opportunities for personal spiritual growth for people at midlife and beyond. We introduce participants to the profound opportunities of older age, invite them to capitalize on them, and support them on their journey.

Our groups are intended for people interested in aging with purpose and greater awareness. Participants are typically at midlife, or at retirement, and/or transitioning to Elderhood. Some are actively engaged in life completion.

Participants constantly say our facilitated discussion-based events are extremely or very helpful to their Spiritual Eldering journey.  And program evaluations consistently report our events particularly fruitful because participants are accompanied by others who share many of the same concerns they have.

As with all our events, this 5-session series is designed to inspire and encourage participants to reflect on their own Spiritual Eldering, aka Conscious Aging. At each event participants share insights, concerns, wit and wisdom. Our facilitation is based on our own experience and research—this time as they are reflected in The Grace in Aging, by Kathleen Dowling Singh.  

Our aim in this series is to focus on and discuss at depth:

  • Living more deeply and less superficially as we age
  • The process of awakening as we grow older; and the practical implications that has for each of us in our life
  • What matters most to me now? Who am I now? Is that who I want to be?
  • Life Review, and how our history impacts decisions today—and tomorrow
  • Reconciling and honouring our past in order to move into the present and future

The first session is a free, no-obligation introduction so you can determine if you want to continue with the rest of the sessions.  

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