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I am thrilled to talk about our upcoming retreat and workshop season because I really enjoy talking with people on the same 2nd half of life journey as me. Although talking to real people is my primary passion, I spent the past 16 months squirrelled away writing a book about the practical application of things we talk about in our events. That is, aspects of our unfolding and maturing journey from midlife through the process of settling into retirement as a delightfully new life stage.

The impetus for this book emerged out of my post-retreat journal reflections from our May 2017 retreat where we discussed 8 keys to Fulfillment in Life’s 2nd Half. Given this event was so well received, and helpful to me, we will offer it again on November 17 at Ignatius Retreat Centre.

My writing time was very productive personally and professionally. Personally, I found myself working at greater depth on some of my own late-life issues. I found the experience of going deeper both beneficial and rewarding, even though I thought I had already dealt with many of the issues. Professionally, this has led to a new series of workshops based on what I discovered in both my writing and research. Particularly as pertains to dealing with previously unrecognized, unconscious, but very significant elements of our individual journey to unfolding wholeness…and contentment. I look forward to sharing that experience and learning.

The working title of my book, Quest for Contentment, provides the integrating focus for our fall and winter retreats and workshops: “Paths to Contentment.” Our aim this season is to explore a variety of topics that contribute to our individual unfolding sense of contentment at midlife and in retirement. Especially those that deal with unresolved left-over issues, like family of origin.

You can preview some of the many “paths” my writing and research took this past year by looking at the opinion survey on this website. The first section of which provides a snapshot of the retreats and workshops we will be offering this season and next. If you are kind enough to complete that survey, which only takes a few minutes, you will be helping us decide which topics to explore, because they are important to you now. If you do that we will give you a $20 coupon for one of our retreats or workshops; plus, a $30 coupon redeemable for private coaching related to your private questions or needs, and personal quest for late-life contentment.

One of the primary learnings from my 16-month writing and research journey was to recognize just how deeply I enjoy sharing my passion of sharing my experience and research of conscious aging as a spiritual practice with others.  Especially the deep wisdom I acquired from Robert Browning’s invitation to us each and all to come and “Grow old with me. [For] the best is yet to be. The last for which the first was made.” I am truly looking forward to sharing that with all who will join us this fall and winter.

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